How Diversity Helps Businesses Meet Goals

Increasing Diversity in the Business World

The world is a diverse place, and doing business across the globe is no longer the purview of only the largest companies. That means companies of all sizes, and in all industries, need to be able to market to an ever-diversifying population of consumers. More importantly, companies need to be able to engage with consumers from any number of backgrounds and do so in a relatable and sensitive way.

To do this successfully, businesses will need to pull from a pool of candidates with a large diversity. These candidates must be professionals with a broad set of backgrounds that can help craft sensible strategies for engaging with consumers, especially when those consumers likely do not reflect the demographics currently seen in the executive levels of the country's largest companies. Having people from many different demographics helps organizations avoid unintentionally offensive messaging or marketing and makes their products or services more accessible (and palatable) to a broader audience.

Having a Lack of Diversity Can Lead Your Business Astray

The effects of this are most easily seen in marketing or other business areas that face the public. For example, had there been greater diversity on the creative team at H&M, they probably would not have made an extremely controversial ad featuring a black child wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the words "coolest monkey in the jungle."

But that's just one example of many where a company shot itself in the proverbial foot with unintentionally offensive or tone-deaf advertising. With more diversity throughout the company, it's far more likely that someone will recognize problematic messaging and put a stop to it before it can become a problem.

Diversity Begins in Education

Another benefit of supporting increased diversity centers around the ideas that each employee enters the company with. Regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity, each individual brings something unique to the table — their own perspective and insights shaped by their own individual background. These unique ideas all begin in graduate education!

In the end, diversity in graduate education means more than the color of one's skin or their gender. It means having a wide range of experiences that can help businesses meet today's consumer's needs. It means having more ideas — and more importantly, more diverse ideas — that help propel organizations forward. It means bringing the organization to new thoughts and processes that help the company improve in every way.

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