What is going on with the Coronavirus aka Covid 19 aka Corona Virus aka Wuhan Virus?

The Corona virus exploded onto the world stage in January.

Millions of people have contracted the disease which has gone by many names including; Covid-19, Covid19, Corona Virus, Coronavirus, Wuhan Virus and Chinese Virus.

The two that will be remembered for most of us are Coronavirus and Covid 19.

For most of us these will be the words we remember most when discussing 2020.

As we move into May the virus has changed almost every aspect of the world and significantly damaged the economy from the United States to China and everywhere in between.

Everyone has been impacted.

At Fact Not Opinions we have spent the last 2 months tracking the success of the largest 25 countries in their fight against the invisible enemy.

Largest 25 Countries with Covid-19 by Population percentage.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was China and then everyone else.

The virus appears to have formed in the Wuhan province and then spread throughout the globe.

The second global hot spot was Europe with Italy being the peak of the region. Italy still has the highest deaths per Capita.

The third hot spot was the United States.

Corona Virus : USA Stats

The U.S.A. currently has the highest number of cases, the most deaths and the highest percentage of population to have the virus out of the largest 25 countries.

The next large outbreak appears to be coming in Russia with a chance of bouncing back into their neighbor China.

Many experts are predicting a second wave of cases across the globe in late 2020.

The wave of alternate theories have been all over the place.

Some believe it was a government created virus, others think that it is just the flu, many have confirmed their preconceived opinions and ignored the data.

I have included the excel document of daily tracking up to this point above and encourage you all to dig into the data.

We like facts and informed opinions.

Coronavirus cases
Download XLSX • 32KB

This does not always come from the newest post on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Page.

We are at war with an invisible enemy and you need to arm yourself with reliable data.

Our mission is simple, we want to provide you the tools to fight back against the Corona virus and a multitude of other issues facing the United States and the World.

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